Improvers Belly Dance Course


Improvers Belly Dance Course


Take your basic belly dancing to the next level. In this course we will explore more advanced moves as well as travel steps and layering. Get ready to give your belly dancing the ‘Wow’ factor!

Starts Sunday October 6th


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In this course we will be exploring beyond the basics of belly dancing. We will focus on movement layering as well as traveling and understanding music. By the end of the course you will learn new moves, new techniques and a beautiful choreography.

For example we will start to understand travel sequences to get the dancers on stage as well as layering a shimmy with a belly roll.

Throughout the class we will be using movements that will keep up flexible and fit. Expect to be sweating by the end of class!

4 Sundays:

The dates are as follows:

-6th October

-13th October


-27th October

-3rd November