Leilah began dancing from the age of 3.  During her time at Anna Fiorentini Film and Dance school, she learned street dance, jazz, and tap.  She then moved on to study the art of contemporary dancing.  It was at University that she first began belly dancing under her mentor Tatiana, at the ABC Belly Dance School (Nottingham). 

Once she was back in London, she was trained at Fleur Estelle’s Belly Dance School.  She has since studied with London’s top belly dancers, including Mayel,  Azahara, Tara, Lorna (of Cairo), Charlotte Desorghee, Sarah Malik, and Asmahan to name a few.  She then began training in Hollywood at the L.A Belly Dance Academy with Belly Dance Superstar,  Stefanya.

Leilah’s love of belly dancing has swept her around the world. She has continues to learn with a number of international belly dancers, including and not limited to,  Wael Mansour (Egypt),  Jillina Carlano (USA),  Ozgen (Turkey),  Ruby Beh (USA), Elis Pinheiro (Brazil) Julia Farid (Ukraine) and Yullianna Veronica, where she received a belly dance Diploma in Romania. Leilah has also had the wonderful Aziza as a mentor over the years to further build her styles.