Let the party begin!

Leilah performs for 20 to 30 minutes, or two 10 ā€“ 15-minute sets which can include a costume change. For a quote please include the the nature of the event as well as number of attendees, the date, time, and how long you would like the performance to last. Please give as much information as possible for a spectacular event. 

Please not that booking must be made in full payment and are non-refundable. If the required payment is not received within one week of invoicing, the booking will no longer be valid.  Depending on the events location and time, additional travel costs may be necessary.

Iā€™m really not exaggerating when I say that you made our wedding.
A good belly dancer is one who raises the energy in the room and makes everyone want to move! This is something you understand completely
— Mirette El Rafie ( Bride)
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As the oriental music begins, the belly dancer glides into the room. The audience is captivated by the mysterious dancer dressed in a magical jewelled costume. As she gracefully makes her way around the audience waving a delicate silk veil, they will watch in amazement, transported to a world of middle-eastern beauty. 

When the darbuka drum beat kicks in, she lets go of the veil and isolates parts of her body effortlessly on every beat. With elegant shimmies and hypnotic hip movements, the audience will be on the edge of their seat eager to dance along. She will often ask the ladies to join in and ensure the dance floor is vibrant, before she exits. The party is alive and the night will never be forgotten.